Is Millionaires That Give Away Money Coming Back? Well kinda… but with a twist…”

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Would you like to be able to:

  • Write a letter to a millionaire philanthropist and ask them for financial assistance
  • Write a celebrity to ask for help with a charity event you are planning…
  • Contact a business mogul for a possible joint venture idea you have….
  • Or do you just want an autographed photo from a millionaire or celebrity you saw on television or in a movie…

But the problem is… you don’t know how to contact them

Several years ago I wrote an ebook called “Millionaires that give away money.” The ebook was hugely successful. In the ebook I coached people through how to locate, contact and request financial help for whatever they need help for. I taught them how to find the contact information for just about any celebrity, business mogul, public figure and philanthropist they wanted to contact. I also gave them tips on what to say and would even review their letter before they sent them to whoever they were mailing. And best of all I would update the information every 3 months to keep things as current as I could. It was a TON of work!

After years of helping people, I moved on to create other products and services. Recently, I have been thinking about all the people I helped and how much I enjoyed it; so I have decided to not show you how to do all the work to locate the celebrities, business moguls, public figures and philanthropists but simply give you access to their contact information.

Database of celebrities, business moguls,
public figures and anyone who is anyone…

You will not have to spend countless hours doing the research to locate this information. I will let you in on my secret mega database source. It has just about every person you can think of and like my “Millionaires that give away money ebook”, you will have access to all the updates.

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Here is a glance at what’s in my database
… includes over 70 categories of contacts*

Entertainment Industry
Celebrities (over 9,000)
Reality TV Stars (over 100)
Bollywood Stars (over 300)
Adult Film Stars
Directors …. and more

Company Executives / Moguls (over 1,000)
Companies (over 4,500)

Baseball Players (over 5,000)
Basketball Players (over 1,000)
Hockey Players (over 1,000)
Coaches … and more

Music Industry
Music Groups (over 1,000)
Musicians/Artists (over 3,500)

My secret database source includes much more than listed above…
well over 20,000 contact addresses!

All the work is done for you. All you need to do is get instant immediate access to the information NOW and start contacting. You can be writing your first letter within the next few minutes.

What is this going to cost you, you may be asking….

Well access could easily be sold for $200 for this database of well over 20,000 names and addresses but it is not going to.

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* Database contact information changes from time to time. Actual contacts numbers may vary.